It can mean two things:
1)a person of turkish descent that was born in Cyprus or has a Cypriot citizenship.
2)a dirty scumbag
"Check out the turkish cypriot"
by Xenios Eracleous May 03, 2008
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The citizens and residenced of Cyprus who currently lives at North Cyprus
I love Turkish Cypriots...
by Laila Jenkins July 10, 2008
1.The superior race and rightful owners of the island of Cyprus.
2.Wrongly prosecuted and shunned from the history books
3.A nation who suffer a genocide without the world even noticing, a nation who was saved by the Turkish army in there invasion of the island.
4.Better than a Greek Cypriot in every way.
<Greek Cypriot> I wish i was a Turkish Cypriot.
<Turkish Cypriot> Yeah i know but ah well i fucked your mother so your next brother/sister will be half a god at least!
by Pinosaure April 05, 2009

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