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the breakfast typical to modern day turks. usually has tomatoes, olive oil, white cheese zaatar, bread, and black tea.

doesn't contain eggs in assholes.
mom: turk kahvaltisini istiyormusun?
friend: what?
you: turkish breakfast?
friend: yeah, you have any bacon?
you: fuck no.
by turkincanada May 03, 2009
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The act of making delectable Turkish Coffee, pouring it into another person's anus and then consuming the beverage with a straw. Similar to the Portuguese Breakfast.
"Hey dawg, you look tired."
"Yeah man, I haven't had my Turkish Breakfast this morning!"
by Some dude0818 March 09, 2012
n. When one cracks an egg in someone's asshole
Are special this morning is the turkish breakfast
by Patrick Hudson May 13, 2006

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