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A building in Turkey used as a public bath. It's a combination of the Roman and Islamic bathing traditions that originated in the European Middle Ages. Both men and women may use the public baths, though not as mixed company.
Contrary to what most Americans believe, a true turkish bath is not a gay male hangout.
by Silky Smooth November 19, 2003
Picture this: You are in the shower getting ready for a night out, maybe even with a beer in your hand. When suddenly, out of nowhere, you get the urge to take a crap. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to exit the hot shower and sit on the pot all wet. The steamy shit smell mixed with the hot humid air in the bathroom creates a wretched stink like no other. I have never been to turkey, nor do I have anything against the Turks. But in my mind i imagine this situation to smell exactly like a turkish fucking bath.
El Gombo: "Dude, I was fucking pouding a Yuenling in the showah before hitting up Donny's tonight and I got the rumbles wicked bad.

Jeffe: "No shit"
El Gomdo: "Yeah, I had to step out of the showah and have the squitters. "
Jeffe: "No Shit"
El Gombo: "Yeah I gave myself a Turkish Bath"
Jeffe: "How big was the ass circumference:
El Gomdo: "42""
Jeffe: "Wow, do you know Zbo kid?"
by tom tickelmanuts December 19, 2009
a group of people shit in a bath tub and then force someone else's face in it
Gavin was bragging about the roofies he bought so us real men gave him a turkish bath, forced him to eat all the roofies. Definitely brought a whole new meaning to dirt nap when that fukker woke up
by wizard sleevens February 03, 2008
to be completely covered in female projectile ejaculate during the act of love making.
Say you are having sex with a girl. You're railing pretty hard. So hard that you make that pussy go boom. She sprays her femme water all over your dick, while you're still laying the pipes. That, my friends, is a Turkish Bath. Embrace it.
by Byron Orpheus May 01, 2011
Cockney rhyming slang:
Turkish Bath - Laugh
Bob The Builder - Have you finished hanging those doors yet Jim?
Jim The Builder - Are you 'aving a turkish bath? Of course not, I've been in the boozer all afternoon.
by Fredward November 08, 2004

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