when a girl gives a guy oral pleasure
She looked like a turkey I wanted to say gobble gobble.
by anthony lerra March 11, 2004
a common name for a large, loose, and wrinkley vagina; tends to be saggy beyond belief.
"Hey my name is Mary Ann"
"No it's not...don't you mean turkey neck?"
"Oh that's right, thanks for the reminder."
by sleepingbeauty February 29, 2008
to give oral sex to a person aka giving head
"She give that turkey neck..gobble,gobble"
by K-$tax March 07, 2005
a boy who has an irregularly large "adam's apple".
hahahah melon u turkey neck! your face looks like its been rammed up a hens ass
by einstein January 04, 2005
a person who is constantly moans and nags.
tell y'what wind it in!
by ounce of mirth June 18, 2003
a turkey neck is when you get soo fat that you have to store some of the excess fat down between your penis and your ball sack. the reason it is called a "turkey neck" is because it looks like the gross neck of a turkey. if you look at any picture of a turkey you will see why it is called this. it can be used as a noun or a verb

"timmy, you dont have to be such a turkey neck" or "yeah, i was turkey necking it up last night at that one party" or even "im so fat that i have a turkey neck and it hurts :*("
by nathan S May 17, 2006

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