In a manner strikingly similar to Arabian Goggles, the strapping young lad whips out his genitalia and places his nutsack on the neck of a waiting female, with his dick facing up toward her chin. In this way, the delighted female's neck will resemble that of a turkey.
"Girl, I'm going to turkey-neck the shit out of you."

"Every day's Thanksgiving with a good old fashioned turkey-neck!"
by the drunken asshole April 11, 2010
the stretchy piece of skin below the shaft of the penis and above the scrotum
"when it's hot outside i can tie my turkeyneck around my waist!"
by penatreytion September 01, 2008
When someone who is bladdered dances by moving their neck from side to side. Very annoying.
Paul was dancing with a right old Turkey Neck the other night.
by DogMonkey October 01, 2003
When your neck is permanently locked at a 90 degree angle down wards by trying to perform oral sex with your own genitals(penis).
"OH man my turkey neck is fucking killing me", "yo call that misuse, i need to get my turkey neck worked out", "man i need to get a girlfriend, i keep giving myself these dirty turkey necks"
by Bum Bandit 709 November 09, 2011
when a girl gets on her knees facing up with her mouth wide open and a guy puts his ball sac down in her mouth, but she doesnt suck, so it dangles and she tries to say "gobble gobble."
also see: chicken neck
rob; man that was fun last night
joe; yeah i turkey necked that girl
rob; no way!! nice!
by geo shape small guy September 16, 2009
The frozen neck of a thanksgiving turkey. Used as a fake penis to scare stupid girls at parties.
I walked in with my turkey neck and all the girls ran off screaming.
by marco December 12, 2003
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