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The act of waddling to the bathroom while holding a torrent of semen inside your vagina in an attempt to keep it from leaking out.
I busted about a quart of cum inside that skank, and she got out of bed quicker than shit and did the turkey trot down the hall.
by GRASS ON THE INFIELD December 18, 2008
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The wet and ploppy diarrhea you get after eating a bad turkey at Thanksgiving. The "turkey trots" gets its name from annual Thanksgiving day charity races or "runs".
My wife shouldn't have eaten that turkey after it sat out all day. She ended up with a bad case of the turkey trots and ruined her pants in front of the whole family.
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by The Dimps January 03, 2017
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loose ball sacs that hang and sag extremely low(below the knees), causing a droopy wrinkle appearance
When I take a shit i have to move my Turkey Trot on top of my lap so they dont hit the water.
by Miltope January 25, 2016
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