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A derogatory or playful phrase used to ostracize or poke fun at the gynecomastia (real or perceived )of an overweight man.
"Hey Turkey Tits! Put down that ice cream and bring those floppers over here!"

"Well, good luck to that guy if he's trying to get married. He's got severe acne, a club foot, and the biggest turkey tits I've seen in a long while."
by WillHigh April 17, 2008
Large, plump breasts. (Usually on a female)
Whoa momma...I wanna stuff those turkey tits.
by ryan November 19, 2003
Female breasts that are so large, their shape resembles those of turkeys found in supermarkets.
"I just wanna play with your turkey tits, baby!"
by fingers November 11, 2004
Huge sloppy boobs that r to large to handle
Ya moms got turkey tits
by Squally police February 20, 2015
The phenomenon of breasts growing during "turkey-eating" holidays, due to excessive consumption of turkey and other holiday dishes. Also occurs in the hind-region and is known as "turkey tush". This usually wears off a few weeks after the holiday.
Person A : Damn, her rack is amazing. What happened?
Person B : Severe case of turkey tits. I wouldn't get used to it, they'll go away in a bit.
by LDH92 January 21, 2009
Turkey Tits originated when the pilgrims first settled in America. They were crazy horny after the long ship ride and decided to engage in sexual activities with the women.

Because their primary duties were childbirth, their breasts became saggy and red from the excessive sucking upon their ample breasts.

Basically Turkey Tits is the name for saggy and red nipples which resemble a turkey's wattle.
"Man, did you see that bitch's Turkey Tits??"
"Yeah breh, talk about a turn off!"
by Emica2235 May 07, 2009
A chicks tits that hang to her belly button and resemble the beard of a turkey. Usually your neighbor who tries to wear a tube top with NO bra.
"Dude did you see the Turkey Tits on that toothless trailer park prom queen?!"
by SlipknterZ September 12, 2009
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