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Smashing sum bitch in the face with ur penis for her pleasure. A favourite pasttime of Jero and his girlfriends.
Girl: Hey jero, can u please turkey slap makes me soooooo horny.
Jero: Yeah ill do that shit bitch, but u gotta promise me you won't cry cause i do have a watermelon cock.
Girl: Oh i want that shit bad, give me that asian love
by dewy June 20, 2006
85 314
The act of lovingly slapping your partner in the face with an erect or semi erect penis.
Man, the bitch wouldn't shut up last night so I turkey slapped the white offa her!
by Steve0 August 21, 2004
703 155
To slap a person in the face with an erect penis
My girlfriend was being really annoying the other day, so i turkey slapped her ass!
by Sullos September 24, 2008
96 58
When one is slapped in the face with a penis
Harry was turkeyslapped by his boyfriend last night
by weeman619 March 31, 2006
35 14
1. When the skin of an old man's neck hits the face of a women during sex in missionary position.

2. Going out with a much older man.
1. Tom turkey slapped me last night. It was so awkward.

2. I was turkey slapped by your dad.

3. I'm going out with a Turkey slap!

4. Your boyfriend is a Turkey slap.
by Charles Singher October 19, 2011
35 55
To slap one's female partner with an erect, uncircumsized penis. The equivalent of a mushroom slap.
My girlfriend thought females were equal, so i turkey slapped her until she bled.
by ElNegro November 05, 2006
123 241
to slap a girl in the face with ones penis, whilst she is sucking your balls
Kaiser: Hey Westy, yesterday, meg was sucking my balls and as she was doing so, i gave her a wild turkey slap

Westy: ahhhh nooooo kaiser, thats gross
by kof and toz July 10, 2003
83 285