an unusually long hang of a clitoris
I feel my turkey gobbler hitting against my leg.
by Diana Rita September 09, 2003
Top Definition
when a woman's clitoris hangs down and looks like the gizzard of a turkey's neck.
Lauren was wearing a bikini and her turkey gobbler was hanging out the bottom
by JOSH April 05, 2005
The act of forcing a girl to deep throat your cock, while your nut sack acts as the gobbler. She then makes a turkey sound and flaps her arms.
Dude, the Principal walked in on me giving my girl friend a Turkey Gobbler in the bathroom!
deep throat cock gobbler naughty
by The long horner September 08, 2011
the section of one's scrotum that shows when the testes are pulled back and is flowing like a crumpled paper bag
Dude, I swear to god, Dan just flashed his T.G.(turkey gobbler) for like, the forth time today.
by Spike "Bottom-line" Bassey October 23, 2003
When you take your lovers ball sack and fashion it in such a way that it dangles from your chin, and then you yell gooble gobble as you eat his asshole which is covered in various Thanksgiving Day foods such as mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce.
Dude, Uncle Ted gave me a turkey gobbler. Hes such a weirdo!
by Trevtrev69 December 25, 2010
To grab or pinch ones fat under their chin, pull it down, and wiggle it.
John can't stand the extreme pain when he gets a turkey gobbler from Bubba.
by Brad Laughlin May 08, 2008
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