When one dumps on his woman's chest after performing a Hot Turkey Sandwhich.
That was an awesome turkey bomb mom!
by Spence January 26, 2005
Top Definition
A redneck version of a Jager bomb or car bomb. Involves dropping a shot of Wild Turkey bourbon into Shiner Bock beer.
Judd: "After y'ins had all those turkey bombs last night, Cletus was so hogged up that he passed out in the holler with his face in a cow patty."
Ricky: "Well I'll be darned if that ain't the craziest thing I've heard in a dog's age! Slap your grandma!"
by Nicholas D March 17, 2009
a turkey bomb is a portion of turkey meat put into a fully sealed jar filled with milk. assuming the mixture does not freeze, the two ingredients have a chemical reaction and will eventually explode. this is not a very powerful explosion but broken glass is always dangerous.
the turkey bomb finally soured enough to blow and fill the room with it's horrible odor.
by bender of portland November 07, 2004
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