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the supreme overlord of all turkeys. He will someday rule all humans. he was murdered but brought back to life in the form of a red person
Hail turketor
by ryan November 25, 2003

He was picked on by fellow turkeys because of his skin condition that he started developing at a young age. The turkeys often called him 'reptillipoultry' or 'flaky'.
note:a note for turketor's biography
by blablabla December 01, 2003
an ordinary turkey looked down upon be most other turkeys. During her school years, he got picked on a lot. Later in life, his anger built up so he broke out at the turkeys who over powered him and put him in shame. That is how tuketor came to be. After a while he figured that if he raised a huge army of chipmunks that he could over power the turkeys that shamed him. People let him develop his army because they thoght that they could never be over powered by 'petty chipmuks'. That was their fatal mistake. He later grew powerful and his chipmunks did indeed enforce turketor's new tyranny. Although the most powerful turkey in history, he was assassinated by a of a larger species's hired assassin, Miss Paula, now dreaded by turkeys. Luckily he had a priest that could reincarnate turketor's soul into a little red man. That man now has hermitized at an unknown place to all, waiting and plotting his next poer sceme. It is a very sad story of a turkey who ended up ruining his life into more misery because of how others treated him in her young years.
-It's Turketor! Where's our eggs?!
-all hail turketor!
by this is about turketor. Not me! December 01, 2003
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