A conspiracy theorist who believes that the recent town hall meetings and Tea Party protests from conservatives and libertarians are part of a grand scheme of the Republican Party to defame President Obama and health care reform.
Look at Nancy Pelosi bitching on TV with her tin foil hat about the Tea Parties; what a turfer!
by SonOfLiberty76 September 01, 2009
Top Definition
Not a well known definition, but a turfer is an ugly girl.


1. An ugly girl, used as a sort of a polite slang way of desribing an ugly bitch.
turf, turfer, turf crowd(a bunch of ugly bitches)

2. A guy who goes around looking for girls to fuck.
to turf around, turfing, turfer
1. (first guy) Yo i heard my man gonna bring some fine ass bitches up to the party! (second guy) You fuckin stupid nigga, i seem them - they all turfers.

Ahh man, shes a turfer.

2. Look at that guy over there, what a fucking turfer!

by T Rob December 12, 2005
A person who surfs and wears surf clothes but also wears townieish/chavish clothing.
e.g. Billabong jumper, trucker cap, over tight jeans and fluroscent white skate shoes
by Lizzie March 24, 2005
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