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too look bad or to get the shit beat out of u. or to dance
damn zach. you got hella turfed by mikey

i need a haircut. my shit is turfed
by steffan loudon April 03, 2007
to be removed from a certain place or establishment
to be rejected
"shame blad you got turfed"
by mr majestic June 05, 2005
Refering to the look of a throw back, or beaten item.
"Man, your shits turfed."
by Sgt. Snoo Snoo November 10, 2006
To be shitfaced hammered ass drunk.!
Man i was so fuckin turfed last night. That party was off the hook.
by cammac197 August 24, 2010
When a women drags her hairy vagina all over your face.
She turfed me until my face was raw.
by Shadeveil October 07, 2009
Refering to someone you think is ugly.
"D***you didn't tell us those b******are hella turfed"
messed or roughed up
stag son those nikes are TURFED.
by sam heird November 18, 2003