Person who carries out any action that is without thought, reason, or logic. Turdcutter is a term that is interchangeable with jack-ass, jerk off, asshole.
Someone has just cut you off on the highway, "What a turdcutter!"
Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you, "(S)He's a turdcutter!"
by Traci P July 29, 2006
Top Definition
Not just the sphincter, but the ass as as whole. Real popular in Maine.
Now SHE has a nice turd cutter!
by P-Dub October 31, 2003
The often overlooked and ignored aspect of a womans body. Located a mere few inches from her most pleasurable of sexual entrances. Small in size and when properly treated, can bring her and her man ultimate pleasure. Its aroma is amazing and its taste, tangy and zesty. The only place a man can get an ass tortilla or be a bung tonguer. Ones penis can find much pleasure and entertainment there when properly approaching your lady for some fine cornhole action or even just to be a Bum Sniffer. Its form fitting shape is snug against the erect penis and can cause extreme and copius orgasms. A Rectum Rooter sweet spot.
Dave: Hey Frank, why the hell is Steve in such a good mood today.
Frank: His wedding anniversary was this weekend.
Dave: So.
Frank: That's the only time hise wife lets him explore her Turdcutter.
Dave: Now I understand.
by The King Cornholer April 19, 2008
Rear end, butt or ass. Not particularly the Anus itself but rather the posterior as a whole. Used as a casual remark of apprecation as opposed to a derogatory slur.
Man, did you see the Turd Cutter on that chick?
by M the Monk March 11, 2006
n. Ass, Booty, behind.

From the movie "Glory Daze".
She's got a nice turd cutter on her.
by The Grammar Nazi December 03, 2001
an ass that you would like to jump all over and fuck the shit out of it.
a man might say "Look at the turd cutter on that one!"
by CopsStealPot. March 15, 2009
A women's ass. A great ass on a woman. female gluteus maximus.
"She has a nice little turd cutter".
by Pistonthighs January 05, 2011
Course word for a woman's booty.
Don't use this term for a man's ass or you'll get stomped.
"Ooooh-ee, that Takadra has one fine TURDCUTTER on her."
"I do say, I'm tempted to eat the corn outta her shite."
by Chingo Bolemongo September 26, 2006
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