While a person giving a rim job, the other person poops in their mouth and says bombs away while deficating!
Ah man I just performed a turd burgler in your mouth!
by cornjerker13 March 14, 2009
That gay guy who works at Mc Donalds that wears the chit stained black and white striped suit.
Hurry and hide your fat purple puffy azz Grimmase here comes the turd burgler.
by Dish February 03, 2004
A dog that enjoys feasting on another dog's FITTJA.
No Fido!! Bad Dog!! Don't eat that FITTJA!!
by Bozeman Brown Trout July 23, 2005
One of the characters from the old McDonald's commercials. Rubble Rubble.
by Grimace August 29, 2003
someone who steals turds out of toilets and writes whose turd it is on the wall
Dued you just got turd burglered
by woody December 09, 2003
one who breaks in and leaves turds in the breeched facility
yep looks like a turd burgler left us a gift in the shower
by hot karl August 11, 2003
A person who, without any hesitation will openly eat leftovers or others food, even if others need or desire it. They are known to often take advantage of the five second rule.
"Hey! Joe ate the whole tub of spicy salsa dip, now there's nothing to dip the Doritos in, what a turd burgler."
by Old Jed April 19, 2005
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