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a turd burgler is someone who tries to tear down a bathroom stall door wanting to use the toilet, whilst the person in the stall is taking a SHIT!!!
Man Having To Piss-BOOM, BOOM, BOOM-"Let me in, I have to PISS!"
Man In Stall-"I'm shitting you, you-TURD BURGLER!"
by paulsullivan December 26, 2009
AKA: Fagg or hipster
A socially acceptable way to call someone a douche/bunghole in a public area.
dude, he's being such a turdburgler when he walks like that.
by Ex Tacy March 08, 2012
Unfortunately...my dog when confronted with a used cat litter box.

also commonly referred to as “poo pirate” “poop eater” and “log licker”

Oh my God! The Turd Burgler broke into the cat litter box again….don’t let her lick your face!
by nahla April 20, 2007
person who steals turds out of portable toilets at night
There's a turdburglar at the construction site again, Mike. Whatda we gonna do?
by AlbertEinstein March 31, 2003
one who enjoys the art of stealing shit that does not come from their own ass. thus including human or animal shit.
Right after Damian finished his hot breakfast... he proceeded to his job as a turd burgler.
by zneb December 07, 2005
A person who opens the door of a bathroom stall while someone else is in there taking a dump. This situation is most often followed by an akward silence and a run for the door.

Verb- Turd burglering
Holy crap guys Tommy is such a turd burgler!

Did you see the way Tommy ran out of the bathroom after he was done turd burglering?!
by Spencer J. December 14, 2006
A gay person, one who burgles turds from the rectum of his gay partner.
hahhaha......no, you = turd burgler, i win.
by Greg Campbell January 18, 2003