one who enjoys uphill gardenin. Also known as a fudgepacker.
lilys pastimes include turd burgling
by lily southam November 14, 2003
One who steals your shit.
I wrote that song, but that turdburgler got rich on it.
by Melvin Chandler January 11, 2004
someone that is so obsessed with human crap that they are willing to go out on their free time and steal other peoples waste
"a Turdburgler broke into my house and stole all my poop"
by Steve McC August 24, 2007
1. a derrogatory term for a homosexual male

2. one who steals turds from toilets, possibly for consumption

3. one who gets their jollies from going into public places (like restaraunts and stores) and takeing a crap on the floor when no ones looking and leaving it there

4. one who hides in the bottom section of a portable toilet to watch people go to that bathroom
1. man, what a turd burgler, I bet he craps condoms

2. I left a floater to see in hopes of catching the turd burgler

3. Well, the turd burgler struck again, the manager isnt gonna like this, but Im not going to tell her, heck, I dont wanna clean it up

4. Did you hear about that turd burgler? He got a year in all the things you could get arrested for
by dave m w November 03, 2007
One who burgles turds.
"Dude, that was put away for stealing poo." "You mean he's a turd burgler?" "Yup." "How longs he in for?" ""Three to five depending on if he stops bogardting the prisoners anal nuggets."
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
a turd burgler is someone who tries to tear down a bathroom stall door wanting to use the toilet, whilst the person in the stall is taking a SHIT!!!
Man Having To Piss-BOOM, BOOM, BOOM-"Let me in, I have to PISS!"
Man In Stall-"I'm shitting you, you-TURD BURGLER!"
by paulsullivan December 26, 2009
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