The act of sneaking up on a drunk passed out girl at a party and having anal sex with her. The next morning she will wake up and realize her ass cherry has been stolen
Damn did you hear about that party lat night, Brittany lost her ass cherry to a Turd Burglar.
by carolina hitman November 05, 2010
One who steals poo to do vandalizing acts with it
such as lighting it on fire
1.Trass burgled some turds last night to light them in paper bag just for the amusement of watching someone step in

2.Ej is a turd burglar, look he has some poo on his hands
by turd-burglar March 17, 2010
To hang a shit and have it disappear straight through, never to be seen. It can be accomplished after not going to the toilet for an extended amount of time.
Dude where's my shit? I've been Turd Burglared again!
by Bellman Steve Muchow February 07, 2009
The mysterious act of giving birth to a brown trout so large you think it will clog the loo, but strangely, all that exists are slide marks where the turd once was
I took a dump so large I was sure it would look like a mr whippy cone but there was nothing there...The Turd Burglar strikes again
by Burg_69 October 29, 2008
A diehard Go Green, recycling, Food Reconstitution Mainiac that consumes feces
If you don't stop eating shit, they're gonna put you in Atascadero State Hospital ya fuckin' turd burglar!
by Doctor Bunghole August 26, 2008
The guy that comes to your house to empty your septic tank when it is full.
It's been a couple of years since we've had the septic tank pumped out, so we made a phone call, and out came the Turd Burglar to deal with all of my shit.
by Smilesandspace June 18, 2015
Someone who as a matter of duty or pleasure steals turds from unsuspecting victims of poo fetish
John was reading the newspaper calmly whilst taking a dump on Trudy's face. By the time he looked around to admire his handywork, Jason the fucking turdburglar, had already snatched up his pile of steaming brown glory.
by Jatchy McJatch Jatch December 28, 2009
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