One who steals turds from a toilet and keeps them in a dumpster.
J.B., being the master turd burglar, stole his own turds from his friends toilet and stored them in the dumpster outside.
by Teksystems September 02, 2003
a person u comes in the middle of the nite with a plunger and steals ur turds out of ur toilet
YOur such a turd burglar
by gretchen August 31, 2003
-an individual who finds joy in sucking the joy from others.
-someone who sucks the joy away, as if taking the joy away from relieving yourself by pooping.
-to call someone a turd burglar means they ruin any enjoyable moment all the time.
All i wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful break from work, but my boss kept walking around the office. He's such a turd burglar.
by Bradgehog November 05, 2013
Someone who steals your shit to make themselves look better to others.
Jim: "Jesus Dan. Did John just take your iPhone to show to his girlfriend?"

Dan: "Yea. He's a turd burglar."
by A Time Walker July 31, 2013
One who likes to endulge in anal sex.
That Rob Halford is a badass singer even though he's a turd burglar!
by cbrown1969 December 09, 2010
The act of sneaking up on a drunk passed out girl at a party and having anal sex with her. The next morning she will wake up and realize her ass cherry has been stolen
Damn did you hear about that party lat night, Brittany lost her ass cherry to a Turd Burglar.
by carolina hitman November 05, 2010
To hang a shit and have it disappear straight through, never to be seen. It can be accomplished after not going to the toilet for an extended amount of time.
Dude where's my shit? I've been Turd Burglared again!
by Bellman Steve Muchow February 07, 2009

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