A humourous name for a homosexual man...The name suggests that whilst he's pounding his man-pillows, he's actually in there stealing the Cosby kids.
Other funny words to use are:
Back-door delivery
"Hey Seth, how come those bites are on the back of your neck?"
Seth: "Errrrrr...My.....girlfriend....er"
"SETH! don't bullshit me you fat faggot odd looking bastard......you are a Turd Burglar, and i've known it for years"
Seth: "Please don't tell my dad"
"You make me sick, you think he doesn't know you like to drive the wrong way on Hershey Highway???"
Seth: "I wish I was dead"
"Everyone does you sick fuck"
by f!$h!e February 03, 2010
someone who snatches the turd out of the toilet before it hits the water while someone is pooping
I was pooping the other day and that guy turd burglar ed me.
by kamikazi282 January 15, 2009
Someone who tries to open the bathroom stall door while you are inside.
I was trying drop a duece when some Turd-Burglar tried to bust in my stall!
by fallenaway August 30, 2008
-an individual who finds joy in sucking the joy from others.
-someone who sucks the joy away, as if taking the joy away from relieving yourself by pooping.
-to call someone a turd burglar means they ruin any enjoyable moment all the time.
All i wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful break from work, but my boss kept walking around the office. He's such a turd burglar.
by Bradgehog November 05, 2013
Someone who steals your shit to make themselves look better to others.
Jim: "Jesus Dan. Did John just take your iPhone to show to his girlfriend?"

Dan: "Yea. He's a turd burglar."
by A Time Walker July 31, 2013
A person so sneaky they could steal a turd out of your toilet before you notice or flush.
I think that turdburglar Tanya has been using my vibrator again...
by Dr Harry Johnson September 19, 2012
One who likes to endulge in anal sex.
That Rob Halford is a badass singer even though he's a turd burglar!
by cbrown1969 December 09, 2010

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