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a person who commits the act of burgling turds; assbandit; buttfaggot
don't drop the soap around that guy, he's a real turdburglar!
by the great ninja September 02, 2003
Someone who steals your time with a load of crap. A person who's lies are so long winded and obvious they stink. An ex lover or romantic interest who repeatedly told lies.
She's a turd burglar. I don't know why I listened to her?
by MudJones November 26, 2013
A homosexual male.
That gay guy is a turd burglar.
by Black Fascist Hater October 30, 2012
Another name for shithead; a term for someone that really pissed you off.
Mark, your such a turd burglar! Gimme my sammich back!
by dr sauce October 27, 2011
A humourous name for a homosexual man...The name suggests that whilst he's pounding his man-pillows, he's actually in there stealing the Cosby kids.
Other funny words to use are:
Back-door delivery
"Hey Seth, how come those bites are on the back of your neck?"
Seth: "Errrrrr...My.....girlfriend....er"
"SETH! don't bullshit me you fat faggot odd looking bastard......you are a Turd Burglar, and i've known it for years"
Seth: "Please don't tell my dad"
"You make me sick, you think he doesn't know you like to drive the wrong way on Hershey Highway???"
Seth: "I wish I was dead"
"Everyone does you sick fuck"
by f!$h!e February 03, 2010
One who burgals turds.
That turd burglar snuck into my bathroom and stole my turds!
by moonsorrows August 17, 2009
someone who snatches the turd out of the toilet before it hits the water while someone is pooping
I was pooping the other day and that guy turd burglar ed me.
by kamikazi282 January 15, 2009