The Annoying Biznatch from McDonalds.
That fuggen Turd Burglar, he's burglaring my turds, murg burg turd burglar.
by Bee Aych Bee April 26, 2003
One who steals turds. Has also been known to be used more commonly as a term to describe people with poor taste, and that one friend who always seems to "cock-block" you.
Man: "Why the hell did you but in, you've gone and scared her away now, man you're a Turd-Burglar!!
by SupamanS March 02, 2009
Turd Burgler is an individual that repeatedly steals peoples tireds with his PENIS.
OI stupid, horrible head, stop stealing his turd, you turd burgler!!!1
by Jeremy December 05, 2002
one who is insignificant, but often obnoxious and/or annoying
most anyone's younger sibling
by Kimo November 26, 2002
aka Modern "Playa's"

A Turd Burglar is the type of person that seems like they are always on the scam. The type of person just waiting for someone NOT to be paying attention so as to gain possession and/or credit for something that isn't theirs.

Turd Burglars are the type that lay claim to someone else's creative work for the purpose of claiming the credit to it's success.

You will never find a Turd Burglar around an idea that is failed. They are also the first to bail on something when it isn't looking like it might be a success.

Turd Burglars look for opportunity of that quick gain.

At anyones expense except theirs. Turd Burglars do NOT invest in anything. They "Burgle Turds."
If you have ever met a "Turd Burglar," you most certainly will know.
by David A. Archer October 05, 2005
Anyone who steals from a Year 9 student at Melbourne High School, Australia (derived from the olden day term 'Third')
Look at that Turd Burglar tag that Turd!! F*ckin Turds... Need to be taught a lesson
by fatty August 21, 2003
One who presents old used ideas as if thay are new and original.
George Lucas is a giant Turd Burglar!
by Anonymous February 10, 2003

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