To give anal and not clean up afterwards.
Turd burglar is to give anal and not cleaning up after,taking a womans poo home with you. Can be used in combination with the Dirty Sanchez.
by jaymor February 03, 2009
To sneak into someones house, and rob a turd they have left in the pan. Can often carry away the turd from the crime scene in the mouth for later use.
Person A: Omg somebodys in my house
Turd Burglar: No worries, it's only your friendly neighborhood Turd Burglar
by Shed2005 February 24, 2008
A homosexual male.
That gay guy is a turd burglar.
by Black Fascist Hater October 30, 2012
to fuck with another bloke
he is definately ging to be a turd burglar when hes older
by squeezemetim June 03, 2005
A dog who steals the turds out of the at litter box.
"My dog is a turd burglar!"
Also: "My litter box has been turd burgled!"
Also: get rid of the dog before it licks you and gets poo particles in your eyes, and you develop a severe case of pink eye. See: "Grama's Boy".
by TurdBurglar's Pinkeyed Master November 26, 2010
When you are sitting on the can and the log that pops out from your 'poop shoot' is suddenly snatched by the force of a amazingly smooth criminal's hand sliding between your right ass cheek and the toilet seat, this my people is your commonly known TURDBURGLAR!

Informant: Da'Boof
Possible Whereabouts: Boof-Town USA, Lost City of Boof, Boofermuda Triangle & Boof Be Gone.
OMG! Who was that mask-man? He stole my Turd! What a fucking TurdBurglar! WTF Mate?
by Boof Nasty April 22, 2009
A theif of fecal matter.The illusive turd-burglar lerks in the shadows of public events such as fireworks displays or sports events where the presence of the common porta-potty in wait of a suitable poo to be soldon the brown market. This is sometimes exported to japan for use in domestic japscat otherwise known as japscat domestic market JDM.
Usually the guywearing an orange but ussually brown coloured jumpsuit disguised as a porta potty attendantor arse wiper.
This is the Turd-burglar.
by nspsychlist March 31, 2009
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