1. a derrogatory term for a homosexual male

2. one who steals turds from toilets, possibly for consumption

3. one who gets their jollies from going into public places (like restaraunts and stores) and takeing a crap on the floor when no ones looking and leaving it there

4. one who hides in the bottom section of a portable toilet to watch people go to that bathroom
1. man, what a turd burgler, I bet he craps condoms

2. I left a floater to see in hopes of catching the turd burgler

3. Well, the turd burgler struck again, the manager isnt gonna like this, but Im not going to tell her, heck, I dont wanna clean it up

4. Did you hear about that turd burgler? He got a year in jail....man...of all the things you could get arrested for
by dave m w November 03, 2007
Top Definition
A rude term describing a homosexual man. It specifically refers to his prediliction for anal sex. Its usage is similar to butt pirate, which is certainly inappropriate, but not as hateful as faggot.
"I hate that turd burgler Elton John!"
by El Roberto August 01, 2004
When you are taking a crap in a public restroom and someone tries to come into your stall, even though its locked they try forcing their way in because they dont know you are there
by Kiser August 29, 2003
One who can't spell turdburglar.
Public education produces many turdburglers.
by Diego Mendez February 10, 2008
1. A male who is frequently the main penetrator in anal sex (with either a male or female).

2. A petty thief of fecal matter.
Yeah, it's all good till the pooper starts fighting back, isn't it? Turd burgler. I guess her @$$ didn't like that one.
by frieze July 14, 2003
A person who, unknowingly, tries to open the door of an occupied bathroom stall.
I was taking in the middle of a nice shit when a turdburgler scared me.
by HyperRon March 27, 2003
Often used by Aussies to denote a Poof.
Hey Ricardo, you really got your shit pushed in by that Turd Burgler at Ripples last nite!
by Samhain_Knight July 27, 2004
The pitcher not the catcher, a blatent ass bandit
Nooo you idiot, I'm the pitcher, you're the catcher
by a lgx January 15, 2004

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