One who likes to steal another person's freshly released turd.

Turd = Shit

Turd burglar is also a name that a person who always is the pitcher while having anal sex.
I knew a kid in high school that would wait for you to leave the bathroom and then go and rob your turd that you just disposed of.

Turd = Shit... It is released from your anus and is usually a brown color but sometimes may vary depending on what you have had to eat.

My best friends boyfriend stuck his dick in her ass last night. He is known for being a turd burglar!
by Tasha April 05, 2005
a person who commits the act of burgling turds; assbandit; buttfaggot
don't drop the soap around that guy, he's a real turdburglar!
by the great ninja September 02, 2003
One who steals turds from a toilet and keeps them in a dumpster.
J.B., being the master turd burglar, stole his own turds from his friends toilet and stored them in the dumpster outside.
by Teksystems September 02, 2003
a person u comes in the middle of the nite with a plunger and steals ur turds out of ur toilet
YOur such a turd burglar
by gretchen August 31, 2003
Someone who steals your time with a load of crap. A person who's lies are so long winded and obvious they stink. An ex lover or romantic interest who repeatedly told lies.
She's a turd burglar. I don't know why I listened to her?
#liar #cheater #deceiver #unfaithful #honest person #truthful #respectful
by MudJones November 26, 2013
Another name for shithead; a term for someone that really pissed you off.
Mark, your such a turd burglar! Gimme my sammich back!
#shit head #asswipe #dickweed #jerk #asshole
by dr sauce October 27, 2011
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