A person who reaches into another person's arse for fun or profit.

A corn-holing faggot.
Lionel is a perfect turd burglar.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
Finally, you are all alone in the public restroom about to unleash a huge shit. Lo and behold, someone enters said restroom, interrupting your feces expulsion.

You sit quietly listening to what the fucktard is up to. Normally, he will do one of three things: 1) fake taking a piss; 2) wash his fucking hands for an hour; 3) just stand around silently.

There are only two ways to rid yourself from this low lifeform: 1) let loose the greasiest, juciest, diarrhea-filled fart you can muster; 2) squeeze the shit back into your ass, exit the stall, and kick the shit out of the freak.

This, my friends, is the true definition of a turd burglar.
Dude, I was at the mall and this turd burglar just stood around for like 10 minutes while I was trying to squeeze one out. I finally got so pissed that I commanded my asshole to suck the shit back up. I then proceeded to bust down the stall door and beat the shit out of him.
by Soul Controller April 15, 2011
A toilet where your turds disappear rather than float or rest on the bottom, before you have a chance to look at them, leaving a very unsatisfied feeling.
"I took a huge dump but this damned turd burglar stole it. Bastard!"
by Ross Caldwell November 07, 2003
one who walks in on you pooping in a public restroom
AHHH turd burglar
by stewart January 24, 2003
Any man who enjoys anal intercourse. (Especially a "top".)
Feces attached to the head of one's penis.
by Mark Ries May 16, 2005
The act of trespassing into an anus and snatching one's turd in an unsuspecting manner
That Goldstein is such a turdburglar. He likes the way they melt in is mouth and not in his hand
by Colonel Cockenstein October 29, 2003
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