word used best to emphasize a word much in the same way 'whopper' or sometimes 'very'. commonly used in tallaght, dublin.
steve: is that lad mad out of it?
frank: nah, hes turbo minty fresh mad out of it!

dave: sorry boys cant talk right now, im ridin' me turbo bird!
by d_berry February 10, 2010
someone who geeky and weird by nature and has been forced into a gang off coolsters
theodore: y is he hanging with them?
donald: hes a blatant turbo
by kieran cullen October 18, 2007
a gun, usualy unregistered or stolen used in gang fights and other shady shit
other names: lick, gat, burner, strap, clip
you better not bring no turbos into this nigga cuz i got straps to

by boobler November 12, 2006
a small and fairly inexpensive car part that automatically makes your car 2 times faster than a rice rocket.
I got a turbo Honda biotch!
by timmy taco April 18, 2003
turbo, in gaming terms, is used as a substitute for very, or really. see also uber
dude that's like turbo lame

look at that turbo n00b
by Kairen February 02, 2005
Turbo is Yuri my cowgirl cuz she moves around fast!!!
Slow down on those stairs TURBO!!
by Enishi March 18, 2005
a dirty goth mongoloid
omg check that gay turbo over there
by cheese August 21, 2004
A Turbo Is A Fag
Uugh why u starin at me u fuckin turbo
by Skillz January 03, 2004

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