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Tunug medicine is a special kind of medication that when taken, causes you to hallucinate, and see these weird machines called tunugs. This medicine also causes you to hallucinate about a boy called the mattress boy who loves to use weird mattress on people. These mattress can range anywhere from a regular air mattress that is pumped electrically, to a huge air mattress that's electric pump stays on all the time, and vibrates, and makes the person feel weird. People who take a little bit of the tunug medicine have just minor hallucinations. People who take a whole lot of the tunug medicines can have severe SEVERE hallucinations that if bad enough, can be fatal, because it can cause the person's heart rate to speed up, and could cause them to be sent into V-Fib which is an abnormal heart arhythmia in which the heart stops pumping, and just quivers.
1. A few days ago I took a whole lot of that tunug medicine and ended up almost dying from the machine that the mattress boy used on me. I was told to get on these horrible mattresses!!
2. Was one hooked up to a pump with a green light?
3. YES.
4. That's scarey.
5. YES IT IS!!
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
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