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Welsh slang for shit, originated by the Welsh television presenter Nigel Buckland.
"Tunky's not a proper word"
"Yes it is. It means shit"
by World of Weird July 10, 2003
a big girl who wears a pant size too small
Damn dude look at that girl she is ssooooooooooooo tunky.

Look at her tunky a** on that dance floor

How long do you think it takes that tunky girl to get those jeans on?

thick and chunky
#fat #big #large #chunky #thick
by mcdonalds lover number one March 03, 2011
a texting-junky; someone who is texting more than is necessary or normal.
She nearly drove through a red-light because she was texting again...she is such a tunky.
#tunkey #tonky #tonkey #texting #texter
by redleaf January 22, 2010
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