1.magazine with models and tuner cars
2. any japanese car thats been modified in terms of racing tuners are reletivley new and get a lot holy bullshit from most muscle car drivers and some super car drivers though some muscle car drivers have sympathy for us the reason is because the most abundant tuner is a honda civic which is a good car and it runs like stink when moddd but its also a good show car and one day some redneck idiot saw one of these show civics and thus the term ricer was born. ever since then if you drove a JDM civic most muscle car drivers would yell RICER! then you would shut them up by winning a race agenst them. the three classes are
normal: done some things to enigine and some things done to the exterior/interior
JDM: japanese domestics market means the car was grey imported from japan then modified to improve performance items like spare tire and jack have been removed to lower weight few things are done to the outside
not road legal: imports meant for track
dumbass: hey theirs that tuner guy driving a nissan skyline hes such a ricer
muscle: give him a chance i heard those things have turbocharged straight sixes he can smoke you if he wanted to
by mau5nation May 17, 2011
1. A car (usually Japanese) modified to be more aerodynamic and powerful as well as look cool. One great car for tuning is the Nissan Altima or the 240sx. The Altima is little known as a tuner, but is very fast and fun to start with. With some mods (like racing cams and a stronger clutch) it could be a nice car. I can spank lots of things in a non-tuned Altima.

2. a person who modifies cars both performance and cosmetic.
Real situation I experienced.

friend: Haha, My Chevy'll smoke that tuner wanna be.

me: We'll see.

friend: Wanna race?

me: OK

me: Haha, I knew when I saw that you had an automatic tranny, that I could beat you reguardless of the power of your engine. also, your car weighs about 1,000 lbs more than mine, so you're gonna have a hard time eating me for lunch.
by peon July 30, 2004
one who administers the tuning process
guy 1: man, you are such a tuner
tuner^2^damax: yeh i love tuning
by skatman May 25, 2003
An enlarged hot wheels car made from the plastic from melted down barbie dolls with a motor the size of a soda bottle. Usually people who buy these 95 hp stock pieces of garbage they found outside walmart with for sale window painted onto them, tend to put a turbo on them bigger than the actual motor. You can usually spot one of these "tuners" by either noticing their flamboyant flourescent paint jobs, which for a street racing vehicle is somehow hard to spot by police, or the massive 12" subwoofers bumping music as loud as possible as if anybody wants to hear it also, that is if you cant see the rudder flap of a 747 they bolted to the trunk to increase the "downforce" for their front wheel drive cars, which makes sense because an origami car made from phonebook paper weighs more than these things. most of the time you can hear these cars starting from over a mile away when the folgers can attached to their exhaust starts spewing probably the most obnoxious sound of a pack of illegal mexicans with their leafblowers at full blast. You may even find a fire extinguisher bolted to the car in plain view because lord only knows when all that "horsepower" will get under control. They weigh a whole 50 pounds and are capable of hitting rpm's of 10 grand because of the 4 ridiculously small pistons . be sure if you plan to build one of these vehicles to avoid all the bugs that you may hit while driving because they can easily total your vehicle. Any japanese economy car built for those in a financial situation where they cannot afford a quality vehicle or the gas to power a quality vehicle, with more money put into the vehicle than the car itself is actually worth
Child 1: Hey look at that oversized hot wheel!!

Owner of vehicle: Dude that's my tuner wtf!!

Any japanese economy car built for those in a finacial situation where they cannot affor a quality vehicle or the gas to power a quality vehicle, with more money pt into the vehicle than the car itself is actually worth
by Any Man With Half a Brain March 11, 2009
synonymous with Idiot. Nowadays most car places which call themselves Tuners (and not raceshops) are usually run by idiots who don't know anything about car performance and setup.

That's why nowadays the word "Tuner" is used instead of "Idiot" a lot
That guy is a tuner, dude
by J June 02, 2004
A piece of crap foreign car made to look like a racecar. Usually piloted by some wigger. Typical add-ons include a giant wing that does nothing, a PS2 or XBox, tons of cheasy ground fx, a pathetic looking hoodscoop, all kids of window stickers for parts the driver doesn't own, and of course a coffee can looking muffler to make the car sound like an angry lawnmower.

Driver 1:Look at my Honda I'm bad homes I'm bad I drive a tuner.
Driver 2: Oh shut up everyone knows that chunk of crap used to be your grandma's grocery getter.
by DennisIsEvil April 18, 2006
A slang term for a 4-banger piece of shit japanese car that has been made into a street racer.

Tuners, even tuned, are hunk of scrap metal
My Camaro beat the fuck out of that tuner on the drag strip.
by James Lowe July 10, 2005
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