An enormously overweight and in some cases obese woman with excessive body hair typically originating from the U.S.midwest, Alaska or any other backwards ass area. Any woman resembling Chubakka.
Club Curves in Los Angeles is packed with tundrawookies.
by E.J.O. February 21, 2003
Top Definition
Describing a woman from interior/northern Alaska who lets all of her hair grow out and often has impaired bathing skills.
"Did you meet any chicks at the bar last night?"
"Nope, just a bunch of Tundra Wookies, they need a shaving and a bathing"
by CapnGrumpy October 04, 2005
Women of the far north. (Namely Alaska and northern Canada).
A Tundra Wookie has more facial hair then a normal 18 year old man, prefer Beer over all other beverages, wear Carhart overalls with flannel shirts and typically green down cut off jackets, and drive lifted Dodge diesel pick up trucks.

When spoken too never look directly in eyes or you might become their prey. Do not get too close or you may pass out of large contents of tobacco and awake in their forein ungodly lair.
by A907K August 08, 2011
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