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Not tuna fish, but tuna piss. This is the pungent odder of ones urine the day after eating a large amount of tuna fish. Hence tuna piss.
So I’m in the shower this morning, and like most people I let the urine flow. All at once I am overwhelmed with the smell of a tuna fish cannery. I remembered I ate two tuna fish sandwiches yesterday. I HAVE TUNA PISS.
by just meeeeeeeeeeeeeee November 24, 2009
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piss that smells like tuna. may occur after eating tuna (because it DOES happen sometimes), or just randomly. everytime you whip it out and smell tuna, you go jesus, that smells a lot like tuna.
hey man, i had the worst tunapiss last night. i couldnt get the smell outta my nostrils!
by yokken May 27, 2007

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