bits of toilet paper left in a girls vagina, after she wipes back to front. the toilet paper wipes the shit off of her ass, then rolls into a little ball and forms white flakes inside the nasty girls vagina which taste simmilar to tuna and look similar to a tic tac.
That girl I hooked up with must have wiped back to front cause when i went down on her she had tuna tic tac's in her pussy.
by 7fingersphil September 13, 2007
Top Definition
Tiny balls of toilet paper left in a vagina for a period of days, weeks or even months. Caused from a skank female wiping back to front and getting ass juice on the toilet paper then lodged in the vagina. It has the smell and taste of tuna and the shape of a tiny tic tac.
I went down on that skank at band camp and i swear she had tuna tic tacs.
by 7fingersphil September 21, 2007

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