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a sandwhich with tuna fish on it
im hungry ill have a sandwhich
by he who hungers May 20, 2005
A sandwich nobody wants, but everyone eats.
OH! Look who wants a tuna sandwich now!

Sylar didn't want a tuna sandwich.

Sylar ate a tuna sandwich.
by Tom Argio March 28, 2008
For centuries the true definition of Tuna Sandwich has been lost until recently. Explorers discovered hyroglyphics covering the walls of the long lost pyramid of Barramundas. The only fish king to be mummified. The pictures adorning the walls were unwashed naked women with exotic vaginal adornments - that of the 99 cent tin of Tuna. As the explorers searched further up the walls they noticed that some of the unwashed women were having a snack on the said vaginal adornment, encasing it in 2 slices of bread.....
Girl one - I'm really hungry
Girl two - Me too
Girl one - I have a tuna sandwich
Girl two - Me too
Girl one - Wanna bite of mine?
Girl two - Only if you can take a bite of mine too
Girl one - Mmm love that tangy mayo
Girl two - what mayo?
by Milo43 September 13, 2010
a sick ass sexual manuever where your woman makes you eat her coochie even though she's bleeding
I had to down a fifth of SoCo after my woman made me eat her tuna sandwich. I still couldn't get the taste of blood out of my mouth!
by Da Nasty One June 17, 2003
The tuna sandwich, not confused with its popular edible counterpart, is a term used with in gang societies, most notably used within Italian-American lore. When one asks if you would like a tuna sandwich it can mean two things, to congratulate a fellow man of a heralded feat, or more commonly a death wish towards whoever it is said. Only applicable if said in an Italian-American accent, if said plainly, it is just a request of literally eating a tuna sandwich.

Other versions of a tuna sandwich involve tuna melts, patty melts, or any combination of the two, such as a tuna patty melt. But one should be aware that at any time, if you're offered a "tuna patty melt" it is automatically a negative, life-threatening phrase.
"Hey Tony good job on bein made, you want a fuckin' Tuna Sandwich?"

"Hey you fuck! Johnny sends this tuna sandwich with his regards."

"Hey I like you kid, maybe come over and fuck my sister, and have a tuna sandwich."

"You want a tuna sandwich? You want a fuckin Tuna melt? You want a fuckin tuna patty melt?"
by Richard Clitt January 04, 2012
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