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An appetizer
If God hadn´t wanted us to eat pussy, He wouldnt have made it look so much like a taco
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
176 33
Another name for the female genitalia.
I think I'll go get me some tuna taco tonight.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
116 31
womans vag opening, when a man goes to eat her out
god damn that tuna taco!
by leah March 07, 2005
52 43
A Pussy that smells like fish
Her snatch smelled of tuna taco.
by eli gold February 09, 2008
31 39
an extremly nasty fish scented vagina.this dysfunction occurs when the female to witch the vagina belongs to does not wash or care for the vagina.resulting in a nasty fishyy scent,the reference to taco refers to the shape of the vagina.
that girl brendas pussy straight smelled like fish. that bitch has gotta tuna taco bewtwen her legs.
by ass slut lover! December 07, 2003
35 63