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When you can't tell if a female co-worker made a tuna sandwich or sat on the counter
Co-worker 1: did you make a tuna sandwich?
Co-worker 2: No why?
Co-worker 1: Wash out that tuna pouch...
by wiki wha ??? February 15, 2009
A slang term or euphemism for "vagina."
Girl 1: Wow, bestie. You really messed her up for saying that about your butt.
Girl 2: Yep. My butt is round, not fat... so I slapped her in the face and kicked her right in the tuna pouch.

Girl 1: That's my BFF! Your butt is perfect, by the way. Let's go get some fuzzy navels.
by BigDeff72 June 28, 2015
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