When two or more men, facing each other and erect, use their penises to touch each other.
Giermo and Eric played tummy sticks all night until they found a straw.
by Biatch551 August 27, 2005
The art of playing the drums(sticks) with your penis, preferably erect, on someone elses stomach (tummy). Obviously, played by homosexuals
Menke and Haberstroh play tummy sticks while Julian watches with delight
by McKillop April 20, 2006
Often associated with "swordfighting", it is when two men are cuddling and their erect penis' touch. This may also become a game of "Thumb War" were one man tries to pin the other man's penis against his stomach.
Alex Boudreau started up a game of tummy sticks in which i lost. He's too good, i think he plays alot.
by artimidorius September 02, 2008
When a man cums on a woman's stomach after sex and then lays on top of her and kisses her. The cum in between her tummy and the mans tummy becomes thick and drys forcing the tummys to stick.
Jonny asked Sarah if she wanted to play tummy sticks! She replied, yes...I feel so close to you when we're stuck together. Tummy sticks is the shit!!!
by Noodle Bug April 13, 2008
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