Its the act of two males pressing their erections into eachothers belly buttons.
My uncle asked me if I would enjoy a game of "Tummy Sticks", I excited replied "Sure, sounds fun."
by Jimathy28 July 12, 2009
the act of tummy sticks occurs when two heterosexual men simultaneously have boners and want to hug each other a lot.

two guys, pink and stink.

pink: hey stink, i have a hard-on.

stink: you know what? this may sound crazy, but I have a hard-on too!

pink: wanna hug?

stink/pink: tummy sticks!
by the machine operated dildo August 12, 2008
this word is most commonly referred to as a simple game between two erect opponents although they work together on poking each other with thier pepperoni sticks it is an intense game as who ever pokes their opponent the hardest forces the other to get flacid and the game is now over
boy i wish i could beat mikey in a erousing game of tummy sticks ill show him whose got the beasty boner.
by altaff April 18, 2008
A method to determine who has the longer penis between two men. The men stand naked facing each other with erect penises. They walk slowly towards each other leading with the penis. The person who's penis sticks the other's tummy first has the larger penis and is declared the winner.
Guy 1: Hey man, I slept with your girlfriend last night and she said I definitely have the bigger junk.

Guy 2: I can guarantee you don't have the larger penis.

Impartial 3rd party: The only way to settle this is to play tummy sticks and see who wins.
by truchillmode November 27, 2009
When two dumb asses, who have no idea of what the practice of tummy sticks exactly is, assault their roommate in the middle of the night, striking his belly with their firm fingers.
(As two men sneakily approach their roommate in the dead of night)

Mark & Myles: "Tummy Sticks A.J.!!!!!!"
by Soulja Boyz August 24, 2008
The rubbing of 2 men's penis on each others stomachs while inserting fingers into buttholes.
Dirt and Lowell were tired after a long night of tummy sticks and their assholes hurt.
by Jerry Curlin June 08, 2007
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