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The 'tummy tuck' is a slang term used for a shotgun maneuver used in the Xbox 360 game "Gears of War". In multiplayer it is possible to shatter an opponent with one blast of the shotgun as long as the barrel is near or practically inside the opponent's body. Because the move is done without aiming, each character will hold the weapon at their hip, positioning the barrel on the victim's stomach. The name comes from a term used in plastic surgery where unwanted fat is removed from the tummy area.
If someone tries to get you with the tummy tuck just pull out your lancer and cut their ass down.

COG1: How did I just get killed with one shot?
COG2: You got tummy tucked, fool.
by Douglas Ocean February 01, 2007
where a guy hides his boner by putting up under the elastic band of his boxers. good solution to morning wood.
dude i had a boner all 4th period so i tummy tucked it
by sumbuddy September 18, 2005
The act of tucking your erect penis up into your waistband to hide your large boner from unworthy on lookers, usually on the way to the bathroom just after waking up.
My mom was in the hallway which is on the way to the bathrom so i tummy tucked my morning wood.
by Young one February 16, 2014
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