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An extremely well-endowed man can "tummy fuck" a girl by penetrating her vagina so deeply he pushes into her cervix. The penis must be abnormally long, and women say that the deep thrust feels like it's in their stomach--thus "tummy fuck."
"Sara likes it when I tummy fuck her with my 8.5".
#deep fuck #rail #penetrate #intercourse #sex
by Dan9 December 29, 2006
to squeeze together the rolls of fat of an overweight girl and (with the help of lube) place your penis inside of the rolls and procede to thrust your penis in and out
i tummy fucked ur fat ass mom last night
#fat banged #fummy tuck #beer belly blistering #non-muscular massage of the penis #what i did to ur 350 lb mom
by yddeteffeeihc November 28, 2005
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