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A reference to the site tumblr.
A tumblrweed is a post on someone's blog that gets no likes, views, or any recognition atall.
For example, a 'supposed-to-be-funny' post that gets no laughs.
Guy 1: "Did you see that photo Dwayne put on tumblr last night?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, what a total tumblrweed."
by YankeeBastard August 31, 2010

When someone who has been brainwashed by tumblr makes an attempt at a pun. Similar to the word tumbleweed. 99.9% of the time the pun is ridiculously unfunny, to the point where everyone goes silent with cringe, creating the perfect situation for a tumbleweed to roll by. It is called a tumblrweed because the social website Tumblr is notorious for god-awful puns that for some reason everyone on tumblr finds halarious and socially acceptable to say around normal people. People who make tumblrweed puns make them constantly, so much in fact that you want to roundhouse kick them in the fucking face. You can tell when a tumblrweed is going to come, because as soon as the tumblr addict opens their mouth, everyone else pinches the bridge of their nose and let's out a groan in preparation of the awful joke that is sure to come.
Tumblr addict - "Hey, wanna hear a joke about ghosts?"

Person 1 - "Ugh, shut the fuck up..."

Tumblr addict - "That's the spirit!"

Person 2 - "Your tumblrweeds literally make me want to throw you in a wood chipper."
by monkeytickler23 October 24, 2014
A person who is addicted to posting on their tumblr blog, they are out of control like a weed.
Ash: Did you just reblog me?

Kyri: Yeah man, I don't have any original thoughts of my own.

Ash: You sir are a tumblr weed.

Kyri: Damn :(
by followme May 22, 2011
1) (verb) To surf or post on Tumblr while under the influence of marijuana.

2) (noun) One who tumblrweeds.
John is such a tumblrweed, I can practically smell his herb through my screen.

Uh oh, I was tumblrweeding late last night, I'd better make sure I didn't post anything top crazy.
by 3chordme April 10, 2015
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