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A specific breed of tumblrfag. A young, impressionable tumblrfag, usually with a mixed bag of low-to-decent aesthetic taste. The "kids" of tumblr.

Often art students, scene kids, hipsters, and/or Japanese people.

Common reblog subject-matter include body modification, fantasy-color dyed hair, miscellaneous softcore sexual imagery of people with said body art, and landscape/cityscape photography - usually all inexplicably contaminated with emotional text memes that everyone should know by now make you look like an idiot.

- Term coined by kittenhuffer <3
"Yo, that photo I posted from Buzzfeed blew up overnight with all these Japanese tumblrtots. I wonder when the scene girls are gonna find it."

Guy: "Jesus, how the hell do you have so many followers? Who are they?"
Girl: "Tumblrtots."
by StefanoBlack September 10, 2011
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