You can spot her from a distance.
A white girl, clothed in fringe, dip dyed hair, shorts, and whatever else is popular at the time. She has a camera turned at her, repeatedly pressing the button from different angles.

You may see her cropping these pictures and typing into her computer. Although you may not see it, she is finding some quote that doesn't make sense but seems hipster so she's putting it there anyways.
That's right. You've seen...
the tumblr girl.
John: Who's that? *Points to hipster taking 1,000 selfies*
Phil: Ugh, must be some annoying tumblr girl.
by vrh723 February 26, 2013
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White hipster girls who post crop pics of themselves showing their tanned midriff posing highwaist short shorts, fringed shirts, and heels (if the picture doesnt stop at their upper thighs). Sometimes a group of friends. They are all generic and are annoying.

For some reason, dumbasses think everyone wants be a tumblr girl when in reality nobody but hipster blogs gives two shits about them.
tumblr user: *scrolls though dashboard* ugh another tumblr girl. When will they end?
by Whatislove? February 04, 2012
A 'Tumblr girl' is a person who wants to build their ego by taking pictures of themselves in which in modern day "mainstream" fashion. They will then beg their audience with some quote seeming all nice, to attract a rather sensitive appeal to their audience as well as being a looker.

'Tumblr girl's can be boys or girls, who have a instinct for being 'Tumblr famous'. They are very usually popular, commonly annoying, and they conceive to their-selves with the word "swag"
A Tumblr girl holding up a piece of paper in their mouth saying "BeYouTiful". Posting it onto whatever social website they want, and sharing it plenty of times.

Snog.Com is a perfect example, too.
by Menlikeitdeep May 20, 2012
Uhh fucking no. idk where these other definitions came from but tumblr is a social network that does indeed have a hipster side but is also full of fangirls belonging to various interesting fandoms. Most girls are antisocial and look to tumblr as a home to freely be themselves. They aren't "wanna be perfect girls," they are girls that see that they aren't and try to accept it as much as they can. In fact, most cannot accept it. Do not keep in your head that they are snooty hipsters as seen in these definitions. You probably won't even get the chance to meet them or realize that they are part of tumblr because they stick to themselves, far from the spotlight, and not self obsessed as they take "1,000 selfies." Please do not associate tumblr--the website--with perfection, especially if the girls try so hard to get there.
"Why is she always on her phone?"
"Oh, her? She's a tumblr girl. Don't expect her to tear her eyes away to socialize."
by Carry-on-gayward-ships August 17, 2013
A girl who wears crop tops and "high-waisted" shorts. She takes a picture with her Canon camera with her tongue out, finds a random quote about life on Google, then goes on Instagram or Tumblr, posts that picture, writes the quote in the caption (So her followers or viewers don't think that she's dumb,) and BOOM! People come across her HD photos and quotes. She keeps on going until she has 94273763637K Followers or something and then gives her account away. She also writes in all lowercase letters. Oh, and she loves Starbucks. They all do.

Also see hipster
tumblr girl: *posts a picture and writes "life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the breathtaking moments you have*

regular girl: "Ugh no not a Tumblr Girl again."

tumblr girl: lol ya dat's right bby ya i'm hereeee c:
by endergirl0617 June 30, 2013
A teenage white girl who likes to post depressing selfies and put a quote that's supposed to be inspirational and inspire people and make them either:
A. Fall in love, or
B. Not kill themselves
Or song lyrics as the caption. They are usually very pretty, but if someone comments on their picture like "You're so pretty!", they'll be like "I'm nowhere near pretty, but you're gorg!" They post pictures of their food and Starbucks, too. Oh yea, and they write in all lowercase. They'll never admit their a tumblr girl and they are either hippies or emo girls. They like vintage clothes by the way.
Tumblr girl: *Takes selfie wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts, looking to the distance and not smiling in front of a brick wall. Posts selfie. Sets caption as "I'll wait for you forever, because I honestly don't want anybody else"*
Normal girl: *Comments on picture* "OMG you're so gorgeous!!"
Tumblr girl: "I'm far from gorgeous, but you're perf♡"
by crocs > uggs December 30, 2013
a person who, through tumblr, spends 18 out of 24 hours a day making, reblogging and captioning images for whatever fandoms they're currently engrossed in. tumblr girls are know to ship viciously (mostly homosexual parings, to the extent that any member of the opposite sex in their fandom is seen as a threat to their ship.) and will fangirl over any scene, line or panel with even the slightest hint of subtext. Any badmouthing a tumblr girl's fandom or obsession will result in an army of anon asks in your inbox telling you to die because you don't appreciate art. tumblr girls are by definition fandom-obsessed (See Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin's fandom for proof.) and if you follow one, best to have tumblr savior or expect to have your dash flooded with spoilers and memes for some show you probably were going to watch tomorrow.

NOTE: a tumblr girl can be either a boy or a girl, but the term itself remains the same regardless.
me: *scrolling through dash* SnK...SnK...Snk... Dammit I remember when SNK meant King of Fighters and not goddamn Attack on Titan. Those damn tumblr girls won't give it a rest!
by ol' peach wilkins October 22, 2013
White girls from 13-16 who post pictures on Social Networks such as Tumblr and Instagram. They are known to wear crop tops that show their stomachs and short shorts that practically look like underwear. They love Starbucks for some reason and carry their iPhones with them. Every day, these annoying creatures post pictures of their precious frappes. Tumblr Girls are always "chillin" with their friends while they ride penny boards. They're practically the most annoying teenagers on the planet.
Normal Girl: "God, A Tumblr Girl again?"
Tumblr Girl: "HA! You bet!" *walks away with her other Tumblr Girl friend*
Normal Girl: "Give me a break!" *rolls eyes*
by personwhowritesdefinitions December 17, 2013

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