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A developmental disorder acquired by spending excessive amounts of time on tumblr, characterized by simultaneous enlightenment and ignorance. Due to its nature, it is extremely difficult to self-diagnose, as affected bloggers will dismiss the symptoms almost immediately after noticing them. Those affected will write about the equality, value, and experiences that every human shares, while isolating themselves through a declaration of hate for everyone in the world.
Incidences of tumblr syndrome include:

toinfinityandbeyond: "insert thoughtful insight here"
youvegotafriendinme: this (and/or) yes
toinfinityandbeyond: I just don't fucking like anyone

youvegotafriendinme: I'm a single, attractive, intelligent, remotely sane female from New York.
toinfinityandbeyond: No way. I'm single, attractive, intelligent, remotely sane male from New York.
youvegotafriendinme: Were going to be along forever aren't we?
toinfinityandbeyond: That we are.
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by TheTwoFingerSalute September 09, 2012
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