To tumble-weed is to add a comment to a joke, or add comment to a conversation that kills the flow and creates an awkward feeling among the group for a short amount of time. Then the group proceeds to say "Tumble-Weed!" and is they happen to have long curly ginger hair they shake their head about.
person 1 = "Yeah shes my bit on the side"
person 2 = "im yours too!"
person 1 = "Ha Ha i have too bits on the side!"
Tumble weeder = "you could say you have a piece on the side!"
by Maidstone Tumble Weeder August 26, 2008
Top Definition
Dusty aggregation of plant matter rolled along the ground by the desert wind. A cliche of Western movies, emphasising silence or stillness, e.g. as the hero rides into an apparently deserted frontier town. Often used in connection with the death of a conversation after one participant unwittingly reveals that they are a moron. See also tumbleweed moment.
"But then Katie made a singularly unfunny cancer joke..."
"Ah. Tumbleweed?"
by shoggoth August 10, 2003
A roaming party, where the sole intention is to roam, whilst partying. Thus giving the effect of a bush party that moves, i.e. a tumbleweed.
Screw the bush party, let's tumbleweed.
by LloydBen August 29, 2007
good ass weed
man im all out of tumbleweed you have a bag i can buy
by hujde April 17, 2002
Something to say during an uncomfortable silence or awkward pause in conversation. the conversation is so dead that a tumbleweed could be blowing through the people you are hanging out with like a desert.
*Silence* "Tumbleweed..." *Laughter*
by Xylar13 May 25, 2004
Derived from the awkward silence before a cowboy shooting showdown. Now used when there's an awkward silence. A Tumble of weed.
-awkward silence-
andre: tumble weed
by lauren09 April 20, 2009
Something to shout aloud when someone has said failed in an attempt to be funny.
unfunny person: "....TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!"

cruel tumbleweeder: "TUMBLEWEED"
by AW94 November 30, 2010
The art of cutting off your pubes, putting them in your mouth and blowing it in someones face.
Shelly still had some pubes on her face after Frank gave her the Tumble Weeds
by Turbulenc June 26, 2003
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