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n. /tʌm.'blɛɹ.iən/ From Mod. Eng. 'tumblr' + 'librarian.'

A member of the librarian community on tumblr. Archivists, libraries, paraprofessionals, students, and aspirants may also apply.
"I think these laser fingers prove conclusively that tumblarians are the best part of any library conference."
by librarean June 19, 2013
The amazing people on tumblr who are socially awkward, smart, crazy over fandoms, cry over fictional characters and have an opinion about everything. overly secretive.
guy 1:Hey dude, why does that girl just sit over there and cry over her laptop?

guy 2 : *sigh* what do you expect? she's a tumblarian.
by DanIsOnFire February 25, 2013
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