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Tufts: A university for kids who worked just as hard (and on occasion harder) the their Ivy peers in high school, but just weren't interesting enough to get into the Ivys.

Resulting in an overall, hard working, VANILLA student body with little no social life.
student a: yo, you wanna pregame tonight?
student b: naw, i think i'm just going to head the lib and circle jerk on an econ textbook.
student a: ....yo, do you go to tufts?
by bored&bitter October 18, 2011
37 72
An irregular patch of hair growth.
What is up with my frizzy tuft....That baby has such a cute tuft....He has a rooster tuft...
by Basil August 23, 2004
22 111
A person appearing on the the magic box who is really, truly 'Too Ugly For Telly.'
James Van Der Beek is TUFT with a capital T. He would've been great in the days of radio!

Ant and Dec - TUFT!

Scenario: Watching a chat show...
Person 1: Who's that total TUFT?
Person 2: That's Nancy Cartwright.
Person: Oh, she's a 'voice artist' that explains a lot.
by Broncam March 24, 2008
20 111
triangular shaped patch of hair above a womans nether region
when her panties came off the first thing i noticed was her perfectly shaved tuft
by bob o. September 26, 2003
15 108
This is a greasy strand of hair.
Usually found on obeise males with large cheeks and unproportioned legs.
by shane carr March 26, 2003
2 95
An extra long growth of the bangs while leaving the rest of the head shaven.
Lennex has a tuft that he has been growing for a while now.
by plasma001 March 07, 2007
20 114
A person last name. Having this last name enables you to do whatever the heck you want to do. No matter what. THis person is also very very attractive and outgoing. You will want to make-out with this person as soon as you see them.
M. Tufts walked into the room, everyone stared.
by Megan Tufts December 13, 2007
30 139