When you are very high on cannabis.
Dude I'm so tuesday right now!

by Tom6 September 22, 2008
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The most random day of the week. Really, it is. All the other days have something going for it, but not tuesday.

Monday is the start of the week. Everyone hates monday...or else. Wednesday is the middle day. The day when you can start looking foward to things to came. Thursday is...well, as someone said: "The real start of the weekend, and only one day ’til Friday." Friday is the day before weekend. One of the best days. Saturday and Sunday: The weekend. Nuff' said.

Tuesday is a tossup. It can be anyhting or nothing at all.
Tuesday is...Tuesday.
by Ichy December 28, 2005
When you are very high on cannabis.
Dude I'm so tuesday right now!

It's Tuesday!


Question: "What day is it?"

Answer: "It's Tuesday!"
by Tom6 September 28, 2009
The second person in a group of three or more to take a hit of weed.
"Since Mike called Tuesdays he gets the second hit"
by Misfits-138 September 10, 2006
The day before Hump day
Wow, Tuesday, tomorrow's Hump day already!
by YoungR May 08, 2010
Tuesday has many definitions;
1. The second day of the week
2. A insult See(C)you(U) Next(N) Tuesday(T)
3. The most wickedly awesome name ever!

A Tuesday is just like their name, unique. They can be perceived as dull and boring, but when you get to no them they are spontaneous and loud. Tuesday's are awesome friends and very beautiful. They are usually kind and generous. They are also smart, which makes them have beauty AND brains!
Bob: Yo, Tuesdays so hot, but she never talks!

Murphy: Yah, I know man! Shes smart though, she helped me with my math homework, dude, once you get to know here she ain't so quiet!
by K'naan<3 March 18, 2009
A day of celebration where 100% straight men can partake in any homosexual activity and not feel any remorse or sense of gayness. It takes place EVERY Tuesday of every week regardless of any holidays it might fall on.
Dude I cant believe it's only Wednesday! That means I have to wait another 6 days for my favorite day, Tuesday.
by TuesdayGuy April 20, 2011

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