When a boner pops up for unexpexted reasons and you tuck it in behind your belt buckle in an attempt to hide it. If you're like me and have a rather large one, then the head will protrude from the pants. This is called a "tucker with a view".
Drew: Fuck, that hot guy just walked by again in those short shorts and I got a fuckin' boner.
Ryan: Dude, just give yourself a tucker.
Drew: Well, that kinda hurts, its cold outside.
Ryan: Don't worry man, from what I hear, you wont have to worry about a tucker with a view!
by Ruthle$$ December 11, 2006
A guy who tucks his penis between his legs so it looks like he has a pussy.
One who tells others to much.
by GRRRRRRRR! July 28, 2005
A cell phone that continously drops calls.
"Sorry, my Tucker freaked out again."

"Ugh! Stupid tucker!"
by puddingfire October 19, 2005
A man who wears women's clothes and tucks his junk between his legs to give the appearance of being female. They get great pleasure from getting unsuspecting guys to fondle their giblets.
You may get more than you bargained for with that "girl"... looks like a tucker to me.
by ZaphodB July 02, 2016
Tucker is usually a dog. A jack Russell mostly. Hes very active and always humping someone or something. He likes to lick his bum a lot and he is very attractive.
owner 1: Tucker stop humping my leg.
owner 2: Tucker stop licking your bum hole.
by donny0101 June 12, 2016
What you call a girl with an insane Booty that tucks at the bottom.
Oh hey tucker!
by Rowanking May 01, 2016
Tucker is a blue eyed hottie that all the girls want he is ment to be with a green eyed tall cheerleader that is blonde tucker is also a blonde
Blue eyes and blonde hair are so hot tucker love green eyes.
by Jaliah June 06, 2015
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