A highly immature third grade slang for a very similar sounding inappropriate word.
Third Grader 1: What do you think about our new teacher?

Third Grader 2: I think she's a mother Tucker
by Tuck Nasty February 22, 2009
Of the male species. Nickname for Thomas. A guy who is extremely good in bed.
Sex God.

Oh my gosh. That guy from the party last night was such a Tucker.
by SmidgeBit January 17, 2008
the world's biggest tool. he thinks he's hot shit and he's really ugly as hell. he also thinks he's always right when he is just not.
hey i know what im talking about cause im smart
umm...no TUCKER
by stfuidc July 25, 2011
a stupid, little retard douche bag that doesnt care about anyone but himself. hes a liar and he flirts with other girls even if he has a girlfriend. has a girl that considers him her best friend but in the end he'll just backstab her and delete her number from his contacts in his cell phone.
Tucker Scott Faust.
by badberly February 26, 2010
A person who is a sucker for new technology.
I just bought my third iPhone in two years; what a tucker I am.
by Akli Nanima June 11, 2009
Somebody who tucks their Shirts into their Pants when it is unnessecary. It's plural form is "Tuckers".
My Wife: "Phhhfffuufhhhghhg...Look at that douchebag with the tucked in Garth Brooks Shirt"
Me: "Fuckin' Tucker"
by SOCIAL_ELITEIST December 26, 2008
someone who gets whipped with his girlfriend and wont spend as much time with his friends
hey wanna hang out no i cant im hanging out with my girlfriend. God why are you such a tucker
by McLovinn January 08, 2008

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