Man with amazing blue eyes. Has a sexy body. Loves one girl and would die for her. Meant to live with a girl who has beautiful green eyes. Also a sex God
He's such a Tucker
by babe2011 July 06, 2011
A very hot guy with a 6 pack. can be very very enoyingwith his friends. Very very attractive guy. People say he's ugly i say he's hot!!!! also, he's really calm and worried
tucker is awsome person
by parche May 15, 2011
A person who is very goog at sneaking, stealth, and acrobatics, like a type of ninja-theif. To tuck is to sneak about,
as cited in Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain.
We tucked around the garden fence, keeping in the shadows.

Tom was quite a tucker. He snuck right up to Jim, took his hat, and placed it in the branches of the tree he was sleeping under.

The gaurd began to awaken, but that tucker was over the wall and into the forest before he could open his eyes.
by A Somnour of Baldeswelle February 24, 2009
The name given to a person who smokes at least 1/10th the worlds supply of marijuana. This marijuana is rolled in 1/10th the worlds supplies of cigars, which are sent to the person's doorstep in the thousands by different promotional cigar companies. Whoever achieves this status must wear steel jeans as to suppress to constant onslaught of naked spread eagle beautiful women flying at their crotch from all directions.
" Hey look theres tucker! looks like he's wiping gine-gine juice off of his steel jeans again. "
by J Lau December 13, 2006
Aussie slang for food
Fuck off and let me eat my tucker
by Lane Meyer June 11, 2005
Tucker is defined as the male genitalia "tucked" between the legs to show true feminitity.
A male body that has been inflated with bullshit knowledge on how to be a better strength athelete through high intensity workouts like crossfit is a tucker
by Necrobutcher April 26, 2012
A highly immature third grade slang for a very similar sounding inappropriate word.
Third Grader 1: What do you think about our new teacher?

Third Grader 2: I think she's a mother Tucker
by Tuck Nasty February 22, 2009

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